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Face & Body


Each skin care treatment includes a personal skin analysis to determine the treatment best suited to the needs of each guest's unique skin type.

The Facial Massage is a unique type of body work that focuses attention on major nerve centers located on the head, neck and face. When energy flow is enhanced to these centers, a realignment of the facial muscles occur, which in turn, stimulates relaxation through the entire body.

All facials include cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, massage and mask.

Millennium Facial $80.00
All skin types.
(55 minutes)

Sun Worshippers Treatment $95.00
Vitamin C for damaged skin.
(55 minutes)

Alpha Hydroxy Acid $95.00
Oily to acne skin.
(55 minutes)

Deep Pore Cleansing $95.00
For clogged pores that need extra time on extraction.
(55 minutes)

Enzyme Treatment $85.00
This unique blend of enzymes is great for all skins to revitalize and tone.
(55 minutes)

Redness Therapy $105.00
Exclusively for rosaceous and couperouse, gentle ingredients including seaweed, calm and sooth irritated skin, no steam, no extractions.
(55 minutes)

Resurgence Facial $105
Specific for mature skin to control dryness and strengthen lost tone.
(55 minutes)

Collagen Treatment $140.00
A unique collegan fiber mask, super hydrates and refreshes all skins.
(55 minutes)

Back Facial $100.00

Quik Fix Facial $50.00
Re-hydrate your skin with this quick pick-me-up. No extractions.
(25 minutes)

Microdermabrasion $150.00
Intense exfoliating treatment for anti-aging, problematic or scarred skin to help even out skin tone and texture.
(55 minutes) - $150.00
(series of six treatments) - $850.00

Add an eye treatment to relieve those tired, puffy eyes for only $25.00.


Our caring professionals will help you discover the ancient rituals of body care. Sea weeds, salts, herbs and plant oils. Natural substances from the earth and the sea will help you relax, rejuvenate, revitalize the body, the skin and the psyche.


Ears $20.00

Eyebrow $20.00

Lip $13.00

Chin $15.00 and up

Neck $15.00

Sideburns $15.00

Underarms $25.00

Bikini $40.00

French Bikini $55.00

Brazilian Bikini $70.00 and up

Upper Leg $53.00

Lower Leg $48.00

Full Leg $85.00

Back Wax $55.00 and up

Chest Wax $55.00 and up

Shoulders $30.00

Half Arm $35.00

Full Arm $50.00

Eyelash Dye $45.00

Eyebrow Dye $23.00

Eyebrow Tweasing $23.00


Application $70.00

Application with Lession $175.00

Bridal Consultation $85.00


Millennium Day $250.00
Includes a Millennium facial, Swedish massage, spa manicure and spa pedicure.
(4.5 hours)

The Great Escape $180.00
Includes a rejuvenating quick fix facial, one hour Swedish massage and a spa pedicure.
(2.5 hours)

Revival Package $168.00
Includes a Millennium facial, Swedish massage and a Millennium manicure.
(2.5 hours)

Just for Him $128.00
Includes a Millennium massage, manicure, cut and style.
(2.0 hours)

Our Signature Treatment $120.00
Includes a Chocolate spa pedicure and Chocolate spa manicure.
(2.5 hours)

Bridal Packages are our specialty and available upon request.

Murad skin care products available at Millennium.